What We Do Inner City Law Center fights for housing and justice for low-income tenants, working-poor families, immigrants, people who are disabled or living with HIV/AIDS, and homeless veterans.
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About Us Inner City Law Center is a nonprofit poverty-law firm serving the poorest and most vulnerable residents of Los Angeles.

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News coverage, media articles, op-eds, blog posts and more covering Inner City Law Center’s work and staff expertise on homelessness and the affordable housing crisis.

Housing Preserved for Pregnant Woman Surviving Domestic Violence

After a devastating assault by her spouse, Sandra gave birth to a premature baby. The abuse shattered her emotionally and left her with an…

Traumatized and Invisible: Demetrius’ Story

It’s an outrage when our country refuses to care for our nation’s heroes after their military service, but that’s exactly what happened to Demetrius…

Surviving Trauma: Jeremy’s Story

Jeremy* was an idealistic young man who joined the Army to serve his county.  While in the service, Jeremy was traumatized when an Army…

Teaching Spotlight: Douglas G. Carnahan

November 9, 2023 — Inner City Law Center is proud to make education a key element of our multi-faceted approach to ending homelessness. We have…

Single Mother of Five Keeps Home

Gabriella Ruiz* is a a single mother raising five children and a monolingual Spanish speaker. Two of her children have disabilities, so their family…

BREAKING: SB 4 & SB 423 Become Law

Inner City Law Center Celebrates Passage of Affordable Housing Bills SB 4 and SB 423 Los Angeles, CA (October 12th, 2023) – Yesterday, California…

Long-Term Client Finally Receives Justice and Disability Benefits

Lawrence* was a little boy–only six years old–when he began having hallucinations…and worse: thoughts of suicide. Tragically, he experienced severe traumas that his young,…

From Fellows to Family

Inner City Law Center’s innovative Fellowship program has created unique opportunities for our organization to build relationships with students from law schools around the…

Inner City Law Center Launches New Program for Families

Los Angeles, CA (September 5th, 2023) – Parents and guardians who are struggling to provide safe, stable housing for their children often faced with a…


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