Housing Preserved for Pregnant Woman Surviving Domestic Violence

After a devastating assault by her spouse, Sandra gave birth to a premature baby. The abuse shattered her emotionally and left her with an infant who needed extra care.

With no family or friends to support her, Sandra was in trouble. She had to go back to work to pay the bills, but her baby needed her too. Facing an unthinkable dilemma, she decided to take the time off to be there for her baby. But when the child’s delicate health didn’t improve, she had no choice but to quit her job.

Sandra soon found herself several months behind on the rent, with no income. She hadn’t even begun to heal from the terrible abuse she endured, but she and her baby were about to be homeless. At the end of her rope, she turned to Inner City Law Center.

Sandra’s Inner City Law Center lawyers were able to negotiate a payment plan with her landlord and help her secure $10,000 of rental assistance funds from our partner organizations. Now Sandra’s home is secure and her hope is restored. She’s been able to return to work, and her baby is thriving.