Our Team

We are proud of the diverse and talented people who work with us to achieve housing and justice for our clients and for those experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County.


Adam Murray Chief Executive Officer
Shawn Bolton Chief Operating Officer
Tai Glenn General Counsel
Laura McQuay Chief Financial Officer
Sharon Bashan Chief Program Officer
Kym Pietsch Director of Development
Juliet Arganaraz Director of Administration
Doug Carnahan Special Counsel
David Smith Director of Litigation
Thomas Anderson Supervising Attorney
Donella Green Supervising Attorney, Homelessness Prevention
Jon Killoran Supervising Attorney, Homeless Veterans
Carolyn Kim Co-Director, Tenant Defense Project
Kara Mahoney Directing Attorney, Homeless Veterans
Angelica Peña Program Director
Rob Reed Directing Attorney, Eviction Prevention
Eve Rutzick Interim Directing Attorney, Benefits
Vidhya Ragunathan Director of Pro Bono
Sandra Vargas Supervising Attorney

Projects Team

Ben Barnett Senior Staff Attorney
Vanessa Caustrita Project Coordinator
Sarah Cayer Staff Attorney
Fernanda Cerrato Paralegal Trainee
Scott Davis Staff Attorney
Erica de Santiago Paralegal
Zoe Dolan Senior Staff Attorney
Jaqueline Flores-Reyes Tenant Defense Legal Fellow
Neri Gallegos Paralegal
Arturo Gomez Tenant Defense Legal Fellow
Sam Hecht Housing Justice Fellow
Jessica Hernandez Paralegal
Peter Horton Tenant Defense Legal Fellow
Hannah Ibañez Senior Staff Attorney
Carolyn Kim Co-Director of Tenant Defense Project
Alejandro ‘Alex’ Lopez Senior Paralegal
Eduardo Marquez Administrative Clerk
Jeff Martin Tenant Defense Legal Fellow
Sricharitha (Cherry) Mullaguru Staff Attorney
Shyann Murphy Tenant Defense Legal Fellow
Jeffrey Newman Staff Attorney
Erik Paz Administrative Clerk
Hector Peña Paralegal
Haley Pollock Housing Justice Fellow
Rob Reed Directing Attorney
Chelsea Reeves Housing Justice Fellow
Sandra Vargas Supervising Attorney
Jincy Varughese Tenant Defense Legal Fellow
Andrew Webman Senior Staff Attorney
Kaimi Wenger Senior Staff Attorney
Alex Young Staff Attorney

Doug Carnahan Special Counsel
Camilla Dudley Staff Attorney
Donella Green Supervising Attorney
Shane Henson Registered Legal Services Attorney
Dany Hernandez Administrative Clerk
Chris Kung Senior Staff Attorney
Ethan Kuritz Senior Staff Attorney
Míchel Angela Martinez Project Manager
Matt Nussbaum Housing Justice Fellow
Dennise Onchi-Molina Administrative Clerk
Sarah Siraj Senior Paralegal
Max Spivak Housing Justice Fellow
Deborah Tejeda-Tila Paralegal Trainee
Bindhu Varghese Senior Staff Attorney
Erin Vites Senior Paralegal
Adam Yakira Senior Staff Attorney

Mary Boyd Registered Legal Services Attorney
Billy Conway Staff Attorney
Jon Killoran Supervising Attorney
Charles Kohorst Staff Attorney
Abbey Lent Staff Attorney
Sydney Lopez Paralegal
Kara Mahoney Directing Attorney
Chad Tanaka Pack Project Coordinator
Benjamin Phillips Housing Justice Fellow
Amanda Powell Staff Attorney
Ruth Serrano Paralegal Trainee

Thomas Anderson Supervising Attorney
Lucy Fitzpatrick Project Manager
Henry Gayler Paralegal
Kyle Gilliam Staff Attorney
Andrea Gutierrez Senior Paralegal Trainee
Indiana (Indie) Lau Paralegal Trainee
Rima Maher Senior Staff Attorney
Abram Murante Registered Legal Services Attorney
Michael Palzes Senior Staff Attorney
Eve Rutzick Interim Directing Attorney
Lily Yan Senior Staff Attorney
Helen Zapata Paralegal

David Smith Director of Litigation
Pedro Guerrero Paralegal Trainee
Amy Hernandez Administrative Clerk
Deborah Hoetger Senior Staff Attorney
Ted Lee NAPABA Law Foundation Community Law Fellow
Laura Matter Senior Staff Attorney
Eric Quizhpi Senior Paralegal
Fely Soto Tenant Organizing Manager
Jose Luis Surio Senior Tenant Organizer
Ernesto Velazquez Senior Tenant Organizer
Alexandra Irons Senior Staff Attorney

Alexander (Sasha) Harnden Public Policy Advocate
Mahdi Manji Interim Director of Strategic Initiatives
Deon Turner Public Policy Advocate

Grace Buchholz Pro Bono Project Fellow
Vidhya Ragunathan Director of Pro Bono
Jazmine Smalley Pro Bono Coordinator
Erin E. Thompson Special Projects Manager


Viki Battaglia Associate Director of Development
Kym Pietsch Director of Development
Aldra Robinson Grants Manager
Luke Ellison Development Associate

Administration & Finance

Oneida Andujar Government Grants Administrator
Juliet Arganaraz Director of Administration
Nell Bennett Office Manager
Gloria Contreras Screener/Receptionist
Tai Glenn General Counsel
Daniel Horta Office Manager
Philip Jiang IT Support Specialist
Klaudia Malta Operations Coordinator
Terry Park Legal Technology Coordinator
Angelica Peña Program Director
Odessia Rogers Program Associate
Roland Wiley Screener/Receptionist

Juan Cuevas Accounting Specialist
Stephen Gee Senior Staff Accountant
Jennifer T. Hirsch Senior Financial Advisor
Laura McQuay Chief Financial Officer

Anna Carrillo Senior Human Resources Manager
Cristina Gomez Human Resources Coordinator