Global Law Firm Helps Protect Housing for ICLC Veteran Client

Corey* was a veteran grappling with dire habitability issues.

The issues in their home were wide-ranging, from sudden electricity and water shutdowns to chronic plumbing problems resulting in flooding. These habitability issues not only jeopardized Corey’s housing stability, but also exacerbated disabilities they incurred during their time in service.

Despite Corey notifying the building manager of these issues many times, no action was taken. Corey’s formal requests for reasonable accommodations remained unanswered. Then, on top of the mountain of issues Corey was battling, the veteran received an eviction notice.

That’s when Corey turned to Inner City Law Center.

Inner City Law Center attorneys got straight to work fighting for Corey’s rights and approached long-time pro bono partner Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP for assistance. Attorneys Chris Jones, Estrella Lucero, Irvin De La O, and Jay Srinivasan immediately stepped into the fray to champion Corey’s rights.

Using a client-centered approach, Corey’s attorneys navigated the complex patchwork of housing law and gathered the expertise necessary to fight the eviction while understanding and prioritizing Corey’s unique needs.

Their advocacy resulted in Corey winning the eviction case — and a five-figure settlement! Now, Corey is living in a clean, safe, and accessible apartment — and their settlement funds will allow Corey to remain safely and securely housed for many years to come. 

Corey’s success story highlights the transformative impact of pro bono in safeguarding vulnerable individuals from homelessness.

* Names have been changed and photos may not depict ICLC clients. We take client privacy seriously and make these changes to protect client confidentiality.