Inner City Law Center is taking on the worst homeless crisis Los Angeles has ever witnessed by fighting for housing and justice. We ensure that people experiencing homelessness and working-poor families have access to decent, safe, and affordable housing.

In The News

  • Long-Term Client Finally Receives Justice and Disability Benefits
    Lawrence* was a little boy–only six years old–when he began having hallucinations…and worse: thoughts of suicide. Tragically, he experienced severe traumas that his young, developing mind just couldn’t manage. He never fully recovered. Then, when he was a young teenager, his father died suddenly. Lawrence’s condition deteriorated further. Lawrence and his mom received survivor benefits … Read more
  • From Fellows to Family
    Inner City Law Center’s innovative Fellowship program has created unique opportunities for our organization to build relationships with students from law schools around the country who then go on to become integral parts of our team. Two examples of this transformative program in action are Cherry Mullaguru and Sam Hecht, who both originally joined us … Read more
  • Backpacks and School Supplies for Krissy, Monique, Alec, and 499 Other Kids
    “Cool!”  That’s what six-year-old Alec* had to say about the new backpack he received right before school started. (He’s a man of few words.)    But we know what he meant. And we hope you do too. These kids (and their parents) already face far too many challenges. They shouldn’t have to worry about starting … Read more

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How We Are Fighting Homelessness ICLC provides quality legal representation for people who have nowhere else to turn. We fight for decent housing for low-income tenants, working poor families, veterans, people living with HIV/AIDS, immigrants, and people who are living with disabilities or experiencing homelessness.
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Land Acknowledgement

Inner City Law Center recognizes Los Angeles as land originally and still inhabited by the Tongva, Tataviam, Serrano, Kizh, and Chumash Peoples. We recognize them as the traditional stewards of these lands and acknowledge the legacy of violence, displacement, and genocide they suffered and survived at the hands of colonizers. We honor and pay respect to their ancestors while standing alongside their descendants as they continue to resist systems of oppression and work toward healing and justice. This land acknowledgment is an important step in confronting our history and committing ourselves to truth, healing, and the preservation of the Indigenous history, culture, and sovereignty.