Veteran Compensated for Impact of Sexual Assault after 50 Years of Suffering

In hopes of a better life, Mr. Thompson* enlisted in the Navy as a teenager and attended boot camp. He was sexually assaulted while in boot camp for three weeks. Mr. Thompson brushed off the assault and did not seek help, and continued his service in the Navy for four years. Because he did not seek help for the assault, Mr. Thompson developed many health issues and was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after completing his service. Mr. Thompson was unable to cope with his health for many years and became homeless.

Inner City Law Center stepped in to help Mr. Thompson report and document the assault, his behavioral changes during his service, and his current symptoms and treatment. Our legal team helped Mr. Thompson apply for benefits for his health issues and sexual assault trauma.

After 50 years of suffering, Mr. Thompson finally received $40,000 for benefits, and now receives lifetime monthly payments of $3,300.

*Name changed to protect identity of client. Photo not representation of any particular client.