Inner City Law Center Receives California State Bar DEI Leadership Gold Seal

Inner City Law Center is honored to be one of just ten law firms and legal organizations in all of California to receive the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Gold Seal from the California State Bar. 

Inner City Law Center is well aware of the deep-rooted and pervasive challenges systemic racism presents for people seeking equitable housing, and strongly feels that lip service to diversity and equity is not enough. The journey to more equitable housing must be purposeful and intentional, which is why Inner City Law Center places a strong focus on prioritizing delivering services to those most likely to become homeless.

Last year, 81% of Inner City Law Center’s clients were People of Color, including 31% who were Black Angelenos. This year, Inner City Law Center is working even harder to ensure we center the needs of our most marginalized and underserved clients.