ICLC Benefits Advocacy Supports Client’s Service to Skid Row Neighbors

Derrick Parker* finds great joy in helping his unhoused friends and neighbors in Skid Row. He understands their daily struggles – he lives with HIV and other disabilities and used to be homeless himself. When a crippling foot injury prevented him from leaving his apartment for long stretches of time, he missed walking to his job at a nearby organization serving individuals experiencing homelessness, but he couldn’t afford the surgery his doctor said he needed.

Fortunately, Mr. Parker came to Inner City Law Center. Our benefits team helped him navigate the complex and confusing Medi-Cal and In-Home Supportive Services application processes. We helped him to obtain the benefits he needed for medical care, including his foot surgery, as well as assistance with cooking, cleaning, bathing, and transportation.

Mr. Parker also needed help with an unpaid ticket from 2017. At the time, living on the streets made it impossible for him to appear in court. The ticket eventually turned into an $800 fine, which he couldn’t afford. ICLC connected Mr. Parker with a pro bono attorney who took on Mr. Parker’s court hearings and got the ticket dismissed.

Mr. Parker continues to recover from his surgery, but soon, full of hope for the future, he’ll enjoy taking walks to his job serving others in the Skid Row community.

*Name changed to protect identity of client