HIV Positive, Disabled, and Evicted: Joseph’s Story

Joseph Ford* was in serious trouble. His rent was due, and he had no way to pay it. He was struggling with severe symptoms and limitations from many years of living with HIV. On top of this, a terrible car crash had done permanent damage to his back, and he could no longer work.

Joseph had been living off his savings for the past four years, and now he was down to his last few dollars.

Joseph’s claim for disability benefits had been denied. With the rent due and no way to pay it, Joseph was terrified. If he lost his home, he feared that he would never find anyone else who would rent to someone like him – someone with a disability. Someone with HIV. 

Joseph needed income to stay in his home. But with his landlord breathing down his neck, he couldn’t take care of his health, stand up for his rights as a renter, and navigate the complicated social services system all at once and all on his own. He needed help, and he was out of time. 

That’s when Inner City Law Center stepped in to help with his appeal.

The medical evidence that ICLC had gathered and Joseph’s testimony were deeply impactful, and Joseph won his case. He received $43,920 in retroactive benefits and now receives ongoing monthly benefits of $1,133.70. Joseph’s monthly benefits allow him to pay his rent each month, keeping him securely housed for the future.