Family Turns to ICLC for Help When a Bully Landlord Threatens Eviction

Ms. Rosario and her family were living in slum conditions. During a routine inspection, the LA Housing Department found broken doors, no heat and extensive mold. When they ordered the landlord to correct the problems, he wrongly assumed Ms. Rosario had triggered the inspection by complaining and began to harass and intimidate her and her three children. Ms. Rosario came to Inner City Law Center for help when her landlord threatened to evict her.

ICLC tenants rights advocates contacted the landlord and stopped the illegal eviction, but the owner continued to harass Ms. Rosario and her family. ICLC fought on her behalf; documenting on-going harassment and helping Ms. Rosario file a Housing Department complaint. Eventually, the landlord backed down. Now Ms. Rosario pays a reduced rent, finds that requested repairs are made quickly, and enjoys a working relationship with her landlord.