Client finally has a safe place to call home after being denied previously

Mr. Cardenas,* who is living with HIV, has been struggling to care for his health without housing for several years. His only source of income is Social Security Disability Insurance, which isn’t enough to cover LA County’s high rents. He applied for permanent affordable housing and was placed on a waitlist. After three long years, he was notified that he was next in line for an apartment. Mr. Cardenas was thrilled, but his excitement was short-lived when he learned that his application was denied because of a criminal charge from long ago. Inner City Law Center stepped in to fight for Mr. Cardenas. 

Our legal team gathered several letters of recommendation, proof of continuing education, and worked with the courts to get Mr. Cardenas’s criminal record cleared. The hearing was a success; he was placed at the top of the waitlist and soon after got the keys to his very own apartment. Inner City Law Center was also able to negotiate a deal where Mr. Cardenas could perform community service to pay off $1,000 owed in parking tickets.  

Mr. Cardenas finally has a safe place to call home. 

*Name changed to protect identity of client. Photo not representation of any particular client.