Client finally granted veteran status after 30 years of struggling with mental health

Mr. Jones* is a Navy veteran who struggled with severe depression and anxiety while in service, who drank and smoked to cope with the stress. On a particularly stressful day, he experimented with drugs to try and ease his pain. The Navy drug tested Mr. Jones, which was the only time during his service that he was tested, and the result came up positive. Because of this, Mr. Jones took a reduction in pay and rank and mandatory rehab completion. After successful completion, the Navy discharged Mr. Jones without a veteran status.

Because he didn’t have status, Mr. Jones did not receive healthcare and benefits for 30 years. After continuous denial and frustration, Mr. Jones met with Inner City Law Center. Our legal team filed a claim that forced the Veteran’s Association to recognize Mr. Jones as a veteran.

Mr. Jones was finally granted veteran status, received $34,000 for benefits, and now receives $3,000 per month.

*Name changed to protect identity of client. Photo not representation of any particular client.