Inner City Law Center Celebrates Black History

This Black History Month, Inner City Law Center is renewing our commitment to address the egregious racial disparity among those experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles.

Black Angelenos make just 9% of those living in L.A. County, yet over 40% of those experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles are Black. These numbers are not accidental; a history of institutionalized racism has led to extreme disparities in wealth, resources, and housing.

To effectively address these inequalities, we must first confront the history of racist housing practices (housing discrimination, segregation, redlining, etc.) and understand how these practices have contributed to housing crisis effecting the Black community. This means not only educating ourselves, but educating our staff, supporters, partners, advocates, community members, and elected officials.

We must also ensure all efforts to tackle the issue of racial inequality in housing include leadership from within the community. There must be Black voices and leadership in these conversations and holding seats at the table. Inner City Law Center is proud to celebrate and support our Black leaders, both within the community and within our organization, and will be profiling several of our Board Officers and senior staff to highlight the importance of their work.

Racism and homelessness have become bedfellows, but together, we can strike at the heart of the issue and build a more equal and equitable community where every person has a home.

To learn more about Inner City Law Center’s leadership, please visit our Board Officers page.

To learn more about the impact of homelessness on Black Angelenos, we recommend the 2018 LAHSA Report.

To make a donation to Inner City Law Center’s crucial work in celebration of Black History Month, visit our Donation page.